SENSATO is a newly formed clothing brand that produces eco-responsible and social-responsive clothes. As an example for future generations, beautiful, inspiring and audacious, with the ambition to enable better sustainable products.

From the planting of the raw materials throughout the whole production process, we implement transparent ecological solutions. Focusing on reasonable farming, ethical production and short distanced distribution, finally providing recycling solutions. With the vital idea to give a conscious mindset to humanity and to change the global fashion industry for the better.

Radical roots

Better raw materials - Promoting responsible ecological farming conditions, e.g. with solely natural fertilizer, that enable plants to prosper and keep a healthy soil. The sensibility for plant-based natural fabrics and animal gained fibres, as silk and wool, is essential. Our certificated farmers get social assistance through teaching, thanks to our partner organisations, impacting positively their daily life.

Sound mind

Nature to nature - Fabrics from natural fibres are a sustainable source and give an agreeable fresh as well as warm feeling on the skin. Innovative recyclable synthetic fabrics such as Econyl from fished out ocean plastic, care and clean our polluted environment and bring recovery to it.

Transportation solutions

Network of furnisher - Enable short transportation distances from the production factories, located in Europe, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission. A close circle of well selected collaborations, that work with high ecological standards.


Our aim is to develop solutions for recycling systems of our divers used fabrics. Principally it is important to us, to sensibilize our customers about the materials and the realization process of their clothes, as well as the value of each piece.